TESTA MOTARI Automotive GmbH lives and breathes the series process.


Producing complex components using tool-free processes combines lots of advantages, from which our clients also benefit. The immense cost savings compared to other procedures, significant time savings and the high degree of flexibility in respect of alterations should all be especially emphasised.


Based on the requirements of large-scale production, we have made it our specialism to adapt the well-known standard processes to our project sizes and their particular requirements. With the help of our partners in Asia, we can also fulfil large orders in just a short time.


Over the course of the last 10 years, we have been able to build up a pool of reliable suppliers, who as well as a wide range of modern manufacturing technologies are also able to offer us flexible capacities. These partners are overseen by Chinese-speaking personnel here in our own company.


Well-known, proven standard processes are also adapted and implemented for series production. This ensures your needs and requirements are taken into optimum consideration. As a Tier 1 supplier for German and international car manufacturers, we are especially active in the premium sector.


We have at our disposal a network of established suppliers who can fulfil virtually every wish. Thanks to clustering of projects, we can minimise costs and turnaround times. And in addition, we carry out regular supplier audits, which take as a minimum basis ISO9001:2015.


Our large-scale production is proficient in thermoset, elastomer and thermoplastic injection moulding, and boasts tools up to 2.5 x 2 x 1.8m and 25 tonnes. We process the widest range of plastics and make virtually all surface shapes possible.


Our partners work in accordance with the tolerance specifications of ISO DIN 16742. We control the logistics from Germany, and ensure the production of high quality pressure cast components right here on site, thanks to our specialist knowledge and regular careful inspections!

Not just national but also international clients in the automotive sector appreciate TESTA MOTARI’s awareness of the particular demands of small and special series. This applies both to the development and realisation of complex interior components. What we offer you:


  • Handling of low quantities with extremely high quality level
  • Low one-off investment
  • Innovative product solutions and manufacturing with maximum cost efficiency
  • The ability to carry out complete development in-house