Our specialism is complex components with a very high degree of customisation in small series.


Our project-specific tool manufacturing is orientated towards the required number of pieces. Thanks to our very own in-house metalworking facilities, plus materials testing lab with attached test centre and series and project assembly lines, everything remains under one roof.


Custom products often require the development of new circuit boards. We match these to the component, along with all certification required for the automotive sector. Connections and controllers are determined on the basis of the respective product.


Our teams work on a project basis, instead of in departments. This virtually eliminates interface problems. Thanks to a collective overview of the entire product, development is not dependent on the processing of individual components.

We're reinventing the wheel!

A typical approach to finding a solution: Modification!

Why our clients love us: Simplification!

Development expertise

Our engineers, quality managers, logistics specialists and skilled workers come from the electronics, tool and machine construction, finishing and woodworking sectors, and depending on their deployment and skills are trained to meet our particular special requirements.


Cross-sectoral knowhow enables quick coordination and speedy decision making. Short routes and lean structures save costs. Making the tried and tested even better: Modification as innovation – Transparent and economical.


Today, new technologies and modern materials enable lower weight and improved ease of component fitting while performance remains the same. What’s more, we modify industrial drives that have already proven themselves, in order that they meet your new requirements. The result minimises the risk of quality concerns and component failures.


We carry out endurance and functional tests, also under climate change test conditions, based on OEM specifications. Our products meet all the requirements of electronic assemblies. Additional knowhow results from the experienced partners we have at our disposal.

TESTA MOTARI’s facilities and range of services

We can undertake the following works on our own premises:

  • Leatherwork
  • Wrapping of various surfaces
  • Cutting and engraving using laser technology
  • CNC milling
  • 3D printing
  • Vacuum coatings
  • Pressure casting, aluminium and zinc
  • Plastic injection moulding
  • Anodisation, chromium plating, zinc coating